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I started trying to follow the whole idea of courtship when i became christian. I made a promise that i wouldnt date until i planned to court to marry. Yet when i tell people that they look at me like i am from some foreign planet. It gets discouarging. I don't even date until i think i can handle a serious relationship. Thats somthing everyone keeps saying i cant do. People keep saying you have to date around to find what you want in a mate. I wholly disagree. Is that okay? i mean are there people my age that do this? Or am i just an odd ball? One of my moms friends after sho told them my views said. " You might want to bring her into the 21st century" Please be praying for me. It seems like i am in the odd here and like i cant seem to convince anyone what i am doing is right..except my mom that is. I mean even youth pastors say that you cant really just find that one person on the first try. Sorry i guess this is a vent
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