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Jesus Freak

I'm Blessed!

Hello All,

I was reading some of the most recent postings on the site here and I wanted to give you all a little update on my Blessing- Dan :) This September 25th will be four months for us, and for me, this is my FIRST relationship where both parties have actually agreed that we are in a relationship (i.e. all the others were pretty much just crushes fron high school). Anyway, please keep us in your prayers! Since both Dan and I, and my mother, all talked about the terms of "dating" vs "courtship", we have decided that this is deffinitely a courtship. We have had some minor struggles to overcome, but so far we are still in the "honeymoon" stage of our relationship as some would say. I honestly think that it may stay this way for quite a while too :). Please just be praying that God will continue to shine upon us in our relationship and that we will walk in His path for our lives, whether together or seperately. Thank you all!

Blessings! Erica
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